GoodWinds bets on the digitization of the nautical sector

Reading time: 2 minutes La aplicación móvil valenciana se presenta como una solución innovadora para poner en contacto a propietarios y capitanes de embarcaciones con profesionales de la náutica. Valencia, 13 de marzo de 2023. La aplicación móvil GoodWinds, símbolo de cambio y apuesta por la innovación tecnológica en el mercado español de la náutica, surge como una alternativa […]

GoodWinds bets on nautical digitalisation as a sponsor of the X nautical congress

Reading time: < 1 minutes Good news for all sea lovers! GoodWinds is proud to announce that it will be one of the official sponsors of the X Nautical Congress. We will share this prestigious sponsorship with other large companies in the nautical sector, such as Repsol and Yamaha, Panthaenius, Lalizas, Mercury, Volvo Penta, among others. At GoodWinds, we believe that this sponsorship is an excellent opportunity for […]


boat repair

Reading time: 2 minutes Goodwinds, App for Boat Repair that offers you the best professionals in one place. The boats require constant maintenance, repairs, reforms and other actions to guarantee their optimal condition and operation. For this reason, when you are in another port and some type of spare part or repair is needed, […]

Interview in The Role of our CEO, Elsa Schleissner

CEO Interview, Elsa Schleissner

Reading time: 4 minutes Last Saturday, December 4, 2021, our CEO, Elsa Schleissner was on the radio program El Role led by Nacho Gómez Zarzuela, a program dedicated to nautical 100% which, by the way, we recommend you listen to every week 😉 Nacho began by presenting the project, what it consists of and who its components are. Nacho: […]