Interview in The Role of our CEO, Elsa Schleissner

CEO Interview, Elsa Schleissner
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Last Saturday, December 4, 2021, our CEO, Elsa Schleissner was on the radio program The Role captained by Nacho Gomez Zarzuela, 100% program dedicated to nautical which, by the way, we recommend listening to every week ūüėȬ†

Nacho began by presenting the project, what it consists of and who its components are.

Nacho: Now we are going to tell you about a case that I have wanted to tell you about for several weeks because the protagonists are listeners of El Role, they are lovers of the sea, they are also, one of them Elsa is a professional in the nautical sector, works in Varadero Valencia Well, she and her partner √Āngel have been preparing a very cool project related to technology and our sector for some time, and speaking well, jolin, it's been so many months now that many of you contact us to tell us your ideas and your stories. , in the projects in which you are involved listening to Elsa speak with the same passion as she did about the baby they have in their hands, I say don't talk anymore, one day I'll call you at El Role and you tell us. Elsa Altea very good.

Elsa: B.Good afternoon, Nacho, thank you.

Nacho: How are you?

Elsa: Very well, very happy to be here.

Nacho: We are happy to have you there on the other side of the microphone. tell me what it is GOODWINDS please.

Elsa: GOODWINDS is a professional nautical application in which the basic idea is to put in contact with nautical providers with shipowners and/or Captains or people who have a nautical need on board. As a result of working in the nautical sector, I detected the need for the clients I work with once they left my area of Valencia to call me, hey, I've been stranded in Palma, I need a mechanic, please, and I saw that it was outside my area I was unable to provide this type of service because I can't recommend something I don't know, so I thought we had to launch an application in which the customer always has a backup and knows where to go. It is a mobile application in which the owner, as a result of some questions that we ask him, prepares a budget and launches it through the application to the suppliers in the area, then the suppliers in the area will prepare those offers and you will receive them on your mobile , this way you can compare prices, review the profile of each provider and in this way choose the one that best suits your needs, as well as review other clients' evaluations, which is also very important.

Nacho: Of course because in the end one of the The big problems that we have in the nautical sector is that there are great professionals, but unfortunately people who are not so great and I think that all of us who have owned a boat at some point have had to accuse the lack of professionalism that unfortunately exists in some workers of the guild, especially in peak season, right? The thing about getting something in August, practically apart from preparing your wallet and forgetting about it, many times they are doing you a favor by going to solve your problem. I believe that the main benefit that can be brought to shipowners by putting on the skin of the one who is listening to us is precisely that reliability, right? Apart from finding someone outside your usual navigation area to solve a problem that you, in this case, know perfectly well the nautical sector, you can guarantee that who goesaa take care of your repair is going to be someone you can trust.

Elsa: ANDIndeed, yes, that was the main task with this application, to offer better quality and better attention since that is what you say, there are plenty of people who offer all the services, because in the end each one has to be a specialist in their own thing , not offer everything, I think that in this way it can be sifted very well, that is, I have a need and I can see the profile of each provider, and even if it is a cheaper budget or maybe more expensive, but choosing the right provider to your work.

Nacho: Yes because in the case of GOODWINDS what is the name of the application that you are developing is pioneering by the fact that it is an application, because perhaps some web pages have other types of formats, no, yes, it is going to do a little inventory of companies that are dedicated to the sector, well yachting pages is perhaps the most famous Pink guide that we have seen many in many places that is the best known, but the fact that that it is an application is what makes it a pioneer and what better than a listener of El Role to be a pioneer in something, why did you bet on this Elsa? What was your reflection to move forward with this business model?

Elsa: yesYes, indeed we thought of a mobile application because nowadays we all have a mobile and we wanted it to be something quick and simple, a very intuitive application and that in one click you are able to do it and not have to wait to get home to review e-mail, both for supplier and client, because what we try to do is to give the best service to each other, especially that there is a more personalized and direct treatment, so a mobile application was the solution for us.

Nacho: Hey and I was talking about that GOODWINDS it's still a baby for you, you've been practically two months, well working on it for many more, but let's say a little launched, but a little you are also cautious in terms of growth because that has international scalability, right? In the end, if it goes well, many countries can be transferred, but yes what do you want to be sure of going little by little giving what happened so that it grows GOODWINDS Elsa?

Elsa: Yes, the idea is that it is like a world reference in boat repair and maintenance, but yes, we want to be aware that this has to go step by step, it is a new application, it has to be tested and we will make improvements, we want to grow very little by little. Could we speed up the developments in the application? Perhaps yes, and there are a number of incubators that provide you with options for this, but we considered that the best thing to do was to follow our script, first getting suppliers to test the application, then offering it to shipowners and They were sending us that feedback in order to be able to constantly improve.

Nacho: Very well Elsa, nothing, congratulations for the initiative and from here at El Role wish you and √Āngel and the whole team all the luck in the world so that you have a great time with GOODWINDS.

Elsa: Thank you very much Nacho, congratulations on your program.

Nacho: Until next time.

Elsa: Until next time.


Hope you liked it! 

We leave you the link of the complete program here

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