GoodWinds bets on the digitization of the nautical sector

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The Valencian mobile application is presented as an innovative solution to connect boat owners and captains with nautical professionals.

Valencia, March 13, 2023. The mobile application Goodwinds, exchange symbol and bet on
technological innovation in the Spanish nautical market, emerges as an alternative for
put owners, shipowners and/or captains of boats in contact with companies that
They offer repair and maintenance services on board. The app was launched in September
2021 by the Valencian Elsa Schleissner, a naval engineer specializing in yacht design, and
Ángel Reig, a telecommunications engineer, who wanted to streamline both the process of
search as well as the contracting of this type of services.

It was the experience of Elsa Schleissner as a project technician in different companies of
nautical services which led him to see the need to digitize this type of contracting to
recreational boats and thus reduce intermediation and its derived costs. to the project
added Ángel Reig, who contributed his technical knowledge, the result of his professional career
as developer of software.

"Our goal is, on the one hand, to save time for owners, shipowners and/or captains to the
time to look for companies that provide services on board, since they have many providers in the area
just one click away and, on the other hand, save money, since through the application of several
budgets can compare and choose the offer that best suits your budget from
house” explain these entrepreneurs. “We want to offer better quality and attention to the
vessels, preventing them from falling into unprofessional companies in the sector”

At the same time, Goodwinds is the perfect showcase for companies that offer services
of repair and maintenance of boats, since it not only gives them greater visibility, but also
It makes it easier for them to access new customers, for example, those who are passing through or
are moored for a certain period of time in the area. In addition, the application
helps small and medium-sized companies, with limited budgets, to take the step of the
digitization in the promotion and contracting of its services.

There are more than 800 nautical professionals who are already part of Goodwinds, and more than 80
projects closed to date, an amount that is increasing at an ever-increasing rate and that certifies
the convenience of this project, whose management and business model ensures, on the one hand, the
correct completion of work to customers and, on the other, payment to the service provider.

Goodwinds has attended, as a sponsor of the event, the X Nautical Congress organized by ANEN, the National Association of Nautical Companies.

The app's services are not limited to just your hometown. As part of its strategy
expansion, Goodwinds has been present as a sponsor at the X Nautical Congress
organized by the Spanish Association of Nautical Companies, ANEN, held in San Sebastián
this March. This congress is consolidated in its 10th edition as a forum of reference for
current issues in the nautical sector. In Reig's words “participate in events of this type
It is key in our path to position ourselves as the leading mobile application in the
nautical. Our goal is to bring quality services to boat owners and in
these events we can learn about the concerns and needs of owners and professionals
first hand. In addition, they allow us to expand our network of contacts, not only to be able to
offer more professionals in our app, but also to spread it to new clients”

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