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Goodwinds, App for Boat Repair that offers you the best professionals in one place.

Ships require a constant maintenance, repairs, reforms and other actions to ensure their optimal condition and operation. For this reason, when you are in another port and some type of spare part or repair is needed, have a quick quote on hand by local vendors is a considerable advantage.

GOODWINDS has launched a new app of «boat repair«, through which the captains, skippers or owners of boats will be able to Get a quick quote from professionals in any location. Thus, they will save time and money when having to find the best supplier to carry out the boat repair.

Launch of the apps from GOODWINDS

GOODWINDS presents the launch of a new apps, through which you can locate all nautical professionals located in any city or town. The objective of the application is that the captains, shipowners and owners of a ship, can hang on the apps what you need for your boat and request a quote. Professionals at that location will send their budget for free and personalized to the client and this will be able to compare and choose the one that best suits you and suits your needs. The apps It even allows you to select between different suppliers without the need to make several budget requests.

In addition to making find what you need for boat repair and maintenance easier, with the application you can also save time, since it prevents the user from having to search the internet for the businesses available in that location in order to later be able to request a quote from each one separately.

A apps that manages everything for the user

More and more companies in the nautical sector are signing up for this apps so that owners and captains can find them at their service.

The user only has to hang up what he needs comfortably from his phone and all the providers in the area will respond with the proposal and the budget.

In any project, GOODWINDS puts at your disposal a Naval Engineer as a nautical Project Manager who will lead and manage your project, coordinating the different professionals who have to participate in your boat.

To download the apps, you have to go to Play Store Hello app store of Android and iOS respectively and search GOODWINDS, once downloaded, the user must register filling in data from a form to start using it and manage and coordinate your nautical projects in a more economical, comfortable, simple and on-line.

Do you need a boat repair? Carry out maintenance on the hull of your boat? An engine tune-up? A professional carpentry job?

Goodwinds offers you that and much more…

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