Osmosis in boats

osmosis in boats
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Osmosis is a degenerative process that occurs in fiberglass and is the result of a chemical reaction.

Saline water comes into contact with the resin applied in the construction of the hull, creating a hydrolysis that attacks and decomposes it.

This reaction creates an acidic substance that generates a pressure inside the gel coat degenerating the fibreglass and leading to the appearance of the famous blisters.

The time it takes for osmosis to appear depends on different factors, such as the type and temperature of the water and the quality used to build the boat’s hull. However, the appearance of osmosis varies in each case, since it can appear as soon as a new boat or yacht or after several years since its acquisition and use Osmosis if not treated from its acquisition and use Osmosis if not treated in due time can become a problem of structural integrity of the helmet.

Contact a professional who will review it thoroughly and give a rigorous diagnosis, as this is a problem that requires specialized personnel.

If your boat has osmosis, at GOODIWNDS you can find the painters who can help you solve the problem. Download the APP to Android or for iOS and start sailing!

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